Wally Darling

This is an article about a character named Wally Darling from a children’s television show called Welcome Home.Wally is a friendly artist who lives in a neighborhood alongside other characters. 

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Wally Darling is short and has yellow skin, blue hair, and a droopy smile. He is described as friendly and polite. Wally’s best friend is Barnaby, a dog who often plays with him.Wally also spends time with Julie, Frank, Sally, and Eddie.

Wally believes the viewer is his friend and enjoys their company.

According to the article, Wally Darling is the friendliest neighbor in Welcome Home . He is known for his bright smile and positive attitude . Wally is an artist and enjoys spending time with his viewers .

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Wally is 3 feet tall and has yellow fleece skin and blue hair . He wears a blue cardigan, white undershirt, red tie, rainbow striped pants, and white and blue shoes . Wally is best friends with Barnaby B. Beagle .

Wally’s favorite color is the same as his house, Home. Wally likes to paint with his house and even turns the canvas around so Home can see . Wally blows kisses to his house every day .

Wally Darling doesn’t seem to understand the concept of height and was surprised to learn he is short .Wally eats with his eyes and can take bites out of things just by looking at them. Sometimes he will blink while “eating” .Wally can also drink by looking at a beverage.

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